restiffic is the newest addition to the medi portfolio of products. A family-owned company founded in the early 1900s in Bayreuth, Germany, medi is a global leader in the medical compression, orthopedic, prosthetic, foot orthotic, and retail compression markets. medi is active in over 90 countries, with manufacturing based in Germany and the USA. Explore the entire medi portfolio of products here, and visit our CEP sport and ITEM m6 fashion lines.

restiffic is a revolutionary foot wrap for the treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) that has been cleared by the FDA for prescription usage. restiffic is composed of two primary parts: the Flexor-T pad and the outer wrap. The Flexor-T pad exerts a relaxing pressure on targeted muscles in the foot while the outer wrap holds the pressure pad in place, and allows for the application of adjustable pressure specific to your needs. By applying pressure to targeted muscles in the foot, restiffic relaxes the muscles to lessen the symptoms of RLS. An innovative drug-free treatment option with zero risk of addiction, restiffic is a breakthrough in the treatment of RLS. Patients who wore restiffic experienced a 69% reduction in the severity of their RLS symptoms, and restiffic was found to be 40% more effective than the leading pharmaceutical treatment for RLS. Available for purchase now.

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