Restiffic Testimonials

"What a difference! I have finally found relief for my restless leg syndrome! These are the real deal!!"    Jill S.


"Just received the compression foot wrap with flexor T a couple weeks ago. I’m satisfied so far. Sleeping better at night."    Linda H.


"Love this wrap. It takes a little while to get used to how to wear it but it really does work! Calms down my restless legs and helps when I’m having to do a lot of sitting. Looking forward to wearing in long plan rides."   Brianna M.


"I have been using the foot wraps as needed over the last month. I use them just when my legs are bad and they do seem to help. They don't entirely make the feeling go away every time, but more often than not they do help by a good 90%. I feel they are worth the purchase price and will continue to use them on the evenings that my medication does not control the symptoms."   Donna


"I have suffered from daily RLS for the last 40 years. My medication provides relief, mostly, but not entirely. Remarkably, I have found additional relief from the Restiffic Relief Compression Foot Wrap. Quite honestly, I was not expecting that it would help. Nothing else has, except a hot bath, and that's not always convenient. I do not typically write reviews, but felt compelled to do so for this product. Thank you!"   Ellen F.


"Thanks to the scientist who created the concept of feet wraps to minimize rest leg syndrome. Have told loads of people including clueless MDs about this product!"   DA. Wallingford


"Once I figured out how to wear it, it was very comfortable, and the pressure it gives has a very relaxing effect on my legs. The urge to move was greatly reduced."   Brittany H.


"I was skeptical but more than that desperate. I had to adjust them so that they didn’t fit too tight. I found my spot and to my surprise so far so good they are helping me get to and stay asleep. A welcome relief to say the least."   Sherri M.