Clinical Trial of restiffic for Restless Legs Syndrome

Published in July 2016: Targeted Pressure on Abductor Hallucis and Flexor Hallucis Brevis Muscles to Manage Moderate to Severe Primary Restless Legs Syndrome by Phyllis J. Kuhn, MS, PhD: Daniel J. Olson, DPM; John P. Sullivan, MD.

In Week 1, all patients exhibited severe symptoms of RLS, with an average patient IRLSS score of 25.05 (Severe). When patients began wearing the wrap, many experienced relief after just 24 hours of therapy (Day 8), with the mean IRLSS score decreasing from 25.05 to 16.94 (Moderate) in just one day.

Over the course of the trial, patients exhibited, on average, a 69% reduction in the severity of their symptoms, with an average patient IRLSS score at the end of the trial of 7.83, for an overall reduction of 17.22 points. This represents an improvement from "severe" to "mild" symptoms.