For Physicians

About restiffic

  • restiffic is one of the only drug-free leading products that assist in treating RLS symptoms. We believe that patients should test restiffic over other medications in order to stay healthy and avoid drug usage and increased drug usage. Patients are relieved of the sensations in their legs when they apply the restiffic wrap on their feet.

Why patients need prescription?

  • Due to the fact that RLS is a syndrome, restiffic was required to have been cleared by the FDA to be an available device for patients. This means that restiffic is a trustworthy drug-free device for helping RLS patients.
  • Currently, restiffic is only available online through and not through local pharmacies. Contact us with any questions regarding purchasing restiffic.

Is it covered by insurance?

  • There is no direct Medicare and Medicaid program approved code for restiffic at this time, but patients can self-submit for reimbursement to their private insurance companies after purchasing.

What is the process of providing restiffic RLS?

  • Patients will place their order along with submitting proof of their prescription. The product will ship when those details are provided, and their warranty will last 30 days after receiving the product. Restiffic also has a 6-month workmanship warranty that the product stays intact.
What are the contraindications you should be aware of?
  • Do not use when engaging in activity that puts pressure on the feet (ex. walking, running operating a vehicle). Do not use in water.
  • Do not use if you have neuropathy, poor circulation, peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, a history of blood clots, or foot and/or leg swelling
  • Do not wear if you have breaks, bruises, sprains, wounds, sores, fragile skin, cuts, rashes, or abrasions involving your feet and/or legs.


  • Consult with your doctor if you have diabetes, kidney failures, heart problems, are pregnant, or have any other medical condition that may contraindicate the use of restiffic.

What if my patients can’t afford restiffic?

  • Although restiffic is likely not covered by a patient’s insurance plan, most patients can use their FSA or HSA accounts to help pay for this product since it is a prescription-based product. Most patients find the overall cost of restiffic is less than their medication copays on an annual basis.
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