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In the 8-week period, 69% of the patients had significant symptom reductions. It is still not understood why some patients' see results and others do not. Therefore, restiffic comes with a 30-day guarantee. Most patients will experience relief of symptoms within 48-72 hours. If results are not seen in the first 30 days of purchase, they can return for a full refund.

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medi produces medical aids for a variety of conditions and life situations. But we don't see ourselves solely as a manufacturer. On the contrary, we handle our own research and development, technology, production, marketing and sales in house - always keeping our focus on the market, its demands and variables and the medi vision.


Why do patients need a prescription?

Because RLS is a syndrome, restiffic was required to have been cleared by the FDA to be an affiliate device for patients. This means that restiffic is a trustworthy drug-free device for helping RLS patients.

Is restiffic covered by insurance?

There is no direct Medicare or Medicaid program approved code for restiffic at this time, but patients can self-submit for reimbursement to their private insurance companies after purchasing.

What if my patients cannot afford restiffic?

Although restiffic is likely not covered by a patient's insurance plan, most patients can use their FSA or HSA accounts to help pay for this product since it is a prescription-based product. Most patients find that their overall cost of restiffic is less than their medication copays on an annual basis.

What are the contraindications?

- Patients with neuropathy, poor circulation, peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, a history of blood clots, or foot and/or leg swelling.

- Patients with breaks, bruises, sprains, wounds, sores, fragile skin, cuts, rashes, or abrasions involving your feet and/or legs.

- Not to be used during activity that puts pressure on the feet (ex. walking, running, operating a vehicle). Do not use in water.

How does my patient obtain restiffic?

- Patients that have a physician-signed prescription can email it to or fax to 800-660-2429. One of our product specialists will contact the patient to complete the order.

- Patients can place their order without a prescription, and one of our specialists will contact them to notify and collect the prescription before shipping the product.

- Or they can call 855-700-6875 and we can walk them through the entire process.

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