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Drug-free Restless Legs Syndrome Treatment

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Patient Success

"As I got the symptoms under control it really changed my life. I noticed a lot more energy because I wasn't going on 2-3 hours of sleep."

Barbara, RLS patient


"The restiffic device is very simple to use, but yet very effective for restless legs syndrome."

Daniel Olson, DPM


"When you have the ability to initiate treatment for a patient that is not chemically dependent it makes all the sense in the world."

Frederick Tomassi, DPM


restiffic RLS

A revolutionary foot wrap consisting of a compressive pad and a hook and loop system, designed to exert gentle, relaxing pressure on the muscles in the foot.

Do you already have a prescription? Email it to rx@restiffic.com or fax it to 800-660-2429. If not, you can still purchase restiffic and a customer representative will contact you to help get your prescription — or talk to a doctor now.

restiffic relief compression foot wrap

restiffic relief is a unique solution to tired, painful or aching feet and legs. It’s a foot wrap that allows the user to adjust the compression level and it also contains a Flexor-T massage pad.

restiffic relief works by applying firm pressure to the bottom of the foot to stimulate acupressure points known to improve well-being. Through gentle manipulation of the feet, restiffic relief may reduce anxiety, relieve stress, ease foot pain and improve circulation and sleep.


Relieve foot pain stemming from plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, flat feet, fallen arches and heel pain.

STRUTZ PRO maintains the arch of your foot while absorbing shock as you move. The gel-foam core supports the foot's arch by correcting foot posture upon impact as you walk or run. Comfortable. Effective. One size fits all.