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Symptoms of RLS

  • Itchy legs
  • Tingling or crawling sensation in the legs
  • Having trouble falling sleep or staying still in bed for hours on end
  • Shaking legs or keeping active in order to feel relief
  • Symptoms worsen when at rest

What are the common treatment options for RLS?


  • Using medications with dopamines, opiods, narcodics, and muscle relaxers such as gabapentin, ropinirole, or magnesium.

Lifestyle changes

  • Small adjustments to your behavior such as taking iron supplements, bathing, getting massages, employing hot or cold therapy, making exercise changes, and reducing consumption of caffiene and alcohol.

Medical devices

  • The use of medical devices such as restiffic® foot wraps that relax and soothe the legs while at rest.


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restiffic RLS requires a prescription for purchase because it is an approved FDA product to treat the syndrome.

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