Managing Restless Legs Syndrome

Your symptoms may include:

Twitchy or

itchy legs

Tingling or

crawling sensations


falling asleep


while at rest

Are you tired of seeing the same list of medications that includes gabapentin, ropinirole, or magnesium?

Are you tired of home remedies for restless legs syndrome that just don't work?

Mary, the inventor of restiffic, discovered the soothing sensation of the device during her struggle with RLS. The revelation came to her at 2:00 AM, when she couldn't fall asleep.

Pathway to symptom relief

Download our free Symptom and Sleep log

Contact your physician and set up an appointment

Prepare for your appointment and track your symptoms in the log

Retrieve a prescription for restiffic and checkout

If you need help finding a local physician or RLS specialist, please complete the form and we will assist in finding you a provider.