Patient Stories

I was at my wits' end

“I was a little skeptical when I bought this product, but I was at my wits' end in terms of managing my RLS. I obtained complete relief starting the first time I put the wraps on. I found it a little hard to apply to my feet since I have trouble reaching my feet. I solved this problem by standing up and just slipping my feet into the device and already having the Velcro straps secured. Then once I slip my feet in, all I have to do is tighten the straps. I've probably used them for about 6 times, obtaining complete relief every time. Not only do these wraps work, but after having them on for maybe an hour, I'm able to take them off with complete resolution of my restless legs for the remainder of the night. I would highly suggest you try this product if you are having problems with restless legs. I didn't really believe that they would work, but they do!”

– Rebecca G.

Finally able to sleep!

"Finally able to sleep! I will admit I was a little skeptical to spend the money on foot wraps for my RLS but I am so happy that I did. Nothing was working anymore. Since I have been using my restiffic foot wraps for the last month, I have not had ANY RLS issues at all!”

– Tiffany H.

I put restiffic on and my legs calm down

“I would like to thank you very much restiffic. The pain in my legs has almost disappeared thanks to the restiffic wrap. I have decreased my dosage of Pramipexole. I used restiffic for 6 weeks daily but now I only wear it if it is necessary. When I start to get the feeling in my legs, I put restiffic on and my legs calm down and I can sleep again. Altogether my symptoms are no longer as bad as they were before using restiffic.”

– Renate S.