Helpful hints when using restiffic

What if I do not feel relief from my RLS symptom from restiffic RLS?

Most patients experience relief within minutes yet some may take a few days. The "active ingredient" in restiffic is targeted pressure to the muscles and tendons in the foot. Getting the right mix of pressure amount and location are the keys to successful relief. It is recommended to first check proper placement of the Flexor-T pad on the foot and that it is properly inserted into the foot wrap. Secondly, making tension adjustments with the straps have been effective in finding the perfect fit.

The complete guide to application, adjustment, and care for restiffic RLS wrap

This video will guide users through the entire process from the moment one receives their restiffic RLS foot wrap. This detailed video shows all the restiffic components, how to properly set up the device, how to apply, and how to care for long-term successful treatment.

Download the directions for use

How to properly set acupressure points with the Flexor-T pad?

Proper foot placement on the Flexor-T pad is essential to targeting the proper areas of the foot that allow the legs to relax and sypmtoms to be relieved. This short video shows proper foot placement and wrap application.

How to properly place the Flexor-T pad into the restiffic compression wrap?

Once the proper foot placement is achieved, the Flexor-T pad needs to be inserted into the foot wrap. This short video shows proper placement on initial use and after laundering.

How to apply and fit the restiffic reflief compression foot wrap?

Watch the short video to see how to properly place the restiffic relief product on the foot and how to apply compression wrap to achieve relief to your feet and legs.

When should I wear the restiffic products?

Restiffic products are designed for use when symptom conditons are prevalent. The restiffic RLS and restiffic relief products are not to be used when ambulating or operating any vehicles. They should only be worn when sitting or at rest. The Protect Strutz product can be used as an active product and at rest.